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Funeral Celebrant Pam Vetter, Los Angeles, California

Order the book: The Funeral Lady

Pam Vetter shares her journey into becoming a Celebrant

The Funeral Lady

When her sister died, Pam Vetter got a wake up call that the funeral doesn’t always belong to the family. She became a Certified Funeral Celebrant to help families plan funerals for loved ones. Through this book, she widens her reach to help families, so when the time comes, the healing can begin.

"I lived it, breathed it, and grieved it. I’m not alone. People need to be involved in the process of funeral planning and yet they don’t know where to turn. I wrote this book to reach out and help families,” Vetter said.

Saying farewell is one of the most important days in someone’s life, but families need help in planning a funeral. This book reminds families to know their consumer rights in organizing a funeral. Event funerals aren’t about spending more money, instead they’re focused on the life lived, storytelling and playing favorite music. Families are at their most vulnerable when someone dies, but by being heard in the process, families come through the experience with hands-on involvement, dignity and understanding. Most important, family members who are heard, start on a path toward healing. Families are entitled to use stories or music that fits the lifestyle and personality of a loved one, while reflecting their spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs. Every family should have freedom in the funeral service to hold a farewell gathering that truly reflects the life of their loved one. The final funeral service should always belong to the family.

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The World of Funeral Service is Changing...

Let the Healing Begin...


Celebrant Pam Vetter


You want to play your loved one's favorite song--
We will play it.

You want to put a favorite book into your loved one's casket--
We will welcome it.

You want to share a story about your loved one--
We will deliver it.

You want to hand out white roses,
the favorite flower of your loved one--
We will encourage it.

A funeral should be what family or friends want as a service.

Celebrants work with you to design the perfect
service your loved one deserves.

Your service, designed your way.



My services share the life and personality of the deceased,
so memories live on in a memorable way.

Funeral services are designed by the family with the guidance of a Certified Celebrant.

Celebrant services involve personal interviews with family and friends.

We share a loved one’s history and life stories.

The Celebrant will also coordinate elements of the service with the funeral home, taking the burden off the families shoulders.


Funeral or memorial services with a Celebrant may be religious or secular.

Celebrant funeral services spotlight a person’s interests and passions in life.

We focus on the whole life of the person while offering new ceremonies of participation for both family and mourners.

There are many non-denominational families who are encouraged to have a funeral service.

Options include scripture, poems, readings, and favorite music selections.

The entire Celebrant Funeral Service is designed to honor a life.



I am a Certified Funeral Celebrant, trained with the In-Sight Institute in the production of personalized funeral services, eulogies, and tributes.

Celebrants offer funeral, memorial, and graveside services.

We also offer pre-need eulogy services to the terminally ill who want to leave their touch behind with personal messages to loved ones.

Celebrants are dedicated to helping families in their time of need.


Let the healing begin...

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