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Personalized Eulogies and Tributes

From the time of birth

To the time of death

From the gasps of a newborn crying

To the last breath.

Life is a mystery, romance, comedy,
and in some ways a fantasy.

And although you can't pick when
you were born or when you will die

You can always make the choices of
what will happen in your life.

~ Alyssa McKlveen, age 13


    Mission: My mission is to provide a funeral service that reflects the life story and personality of the deceased.  
Everyone has a life story to be shared
with family and friends.

Celebrating a life is as important as living a life.
Every Life is Special
Every Life is Important
Every Life is Celebrated
Every Life is Remembered

  The Beginning: The Celebrant movement started in New Zealand
and Australia.

It has taken off in the Pacific Northwest and is
growing nationwide.

The Celebrant Service focuses on the life of the deceased.

It is a personalized service like no other.

It includes a detailed life history and personal stories.

It also may include favorite music selections to remind
family and friends of someone's spirit and life journey.



A Celebrant Service can be either Religious or Secular.
Both are welcome.

Services offered include a memorial or funeral service,
cremation service, graveside only service, second funeral
service, eulogy/tribute speechwriting services, and a written
celebration of life for the terminally ill in the pre-planning
phase.  All services require a minimum one hour meeting
with family, friends,or the terminally ill for research.



Certified Funeral Celebrant, In-Sight Institute
Former Radio News Anchor/Reporter, TV News
Worked in the film divisions at Twentieth Century Fox & HBO



Pam Vetter--see contact page

May 2007 Advanced Celebrant Training, Oklahoma City

May 2008 Advanced Celebrant Training, Oklahoma City

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