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Everyone Has A Story...

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For People Whose
Spirits Soar and Live Life...

Think about choices for your family...

  • Burial or Cremation
  • Celebration of Life
  • Funeral, Memorial, or Graveside Service
  • Signature Cards or Letters to Family
  • Life Stories to be Shared
  • Readings, Scripture, or Poems
  • Favorite Music or Songs

  • Everyone has experienced something...

    Whether you have lived an hour, a day, a year, or decades,
    people have experienced at least one of the senses:

      They have seen their mother's eyes.
    Or, they've seen a great sight.



      They have heard a chirping bird.
    Or, they've heard great music.

      They have touched a fuzzy kitten.
    Or, they've laughed at a silly joke.



      They have tasted a great meal.
    Or, they've felt an unbelievable sensation.

      They have seen amazing things.
    Or, they've seen family moments.



      They've felt the touch of a loving hand.
    Or, they've simply loved someone else.

      Together, we can celebrate their
    unique memories by listening to their stories...



    In-person Funeral Services
    *Within driving distance of my
    business in Los Angeles County, CA

        Pre-planning Eulogy
    Speechwriting Services
    Call for Availability

    Pam Vetter--see contact page

    * Funeral home information must be verified before services may commence.
    All services subject to availability.

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